$200 million marijuana recall causes chaos in Michigan’s marijuana industry

When the largest-ever Michigan Marijuana recall was issued on Wednesday, Nov. 17, Matt Imig’s phone began ringing. Customers were calling.

Imig, who owns M&M Agriculture, a comparably small, 1,000-plant licensed Marijuana grow facility in Lansing, uses Viridis Laboratories, the target of the recall, for all of his mandated safety testing. Consequently, every ounce of the 42 pounds of Marijuana he’s sold to three retail customers, worth roughly $75,000 retail, is on hold. It must now either be destroyed or retested. Who will pay for additional testing and product loss is still being sorted out.

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Author: Sunny Dupree
Sunny Dupree is a seasoned journalist, keynote speaker and founder of Weed America: A Journalism-Minded Agency, which handles public relations, content marketing, social media, events and thought leadership for brands and executives in legal cannabis, hemp technology, alternative healthcare, and other new industries.