Marijuana, Cannabis, Ganja, Weed, Grass, Pot, Reefer, or Maryjane: What’s In a Name? – NORML

I’m periodically amused after we obtain an e mail or telephone name at NORML from an enthusiastic, generally younger, supporter, advising us he/she has discovered the lacking hyperlink to marijuana legalization: get a hold of a brand new title for our favourite herb.

That’s proper. Some who’re new to the problem, after they first uncover the racist under-pinning’s of each marijuana prohibition, and the phrase “marijuana” itself, naively assume if lets simply prevent the usage of the phrase “marijuana,” and as an alternative use “hashish” or another synonym, our opposition would unexpectedly disappear, and we might have a transparent trail to legalization.

I want it have been that straightforward. However it isn’t the title we use that makes it tough to legalize marijuana; it’s the incorrect information left from many years of presidency anti-marijuana propaganda. We’re having to re-educate hundreds of thousands of American citizens about marijuana, together with particularly the ones within the media and our elected officers.

At NORML we don’t observe some stylebook, and we use a wide variety of phrases to explain marijuana at other occasions. I’m an old-timer so I most often stick to “marijuana,” and I don’t believe it a destructive time period. It’s the title maximum American citizens use to spot the plant. However others at NORML choose “hashish”, and our political indicators, press releases and media interviews additionally incessantly come with using “pot” or “weed” or different common slang phrases for marijuana.

As an apart, this is a little peculiar that one would write NORML, the Nationwide Group for the Reform of marijuana Regulations, to signify that we prevent the usage of the phrase “marijuana.” We’re happy with the acronym NORML, a double entendre, which could also be our registered provider mark. We needed to normalize marijuana smoking after we began the group in 1970, and NORML looked like the easiest acronym.

However extra importantly, those that really feel the time period we make a selection to make use of in our advocacy is a number one impediment maintaining the rustic again from legalizing marijuana, misunderstand the character of our fighters.

Those that oppose marijuana legalization, and beef up prohibition, both have an exaggerated view of the prospective risks from marijuana smoking; or they’ve determined to oppose legalization for political causes (e.g., they nonetheless determine marijuana smoking with radical, lefty politics).

In both case, the usage of any other phrase instead of marijuana could have completely no have an effect on. Those that forget about the science, and imagine that marijuana is “the satan’s weed,” is not going to think a extra rational place, irrespective of what we name it. And people who believe marijuana smoking to be anti-establishment habits will proceed to consider marijuana people who smoke as cultural rebels, although we name ourselves “hashish customers.” The title is inconsequential.

It’s the extent of public beef up that determines when and the place we legalize marijuana. Public attitudes, in a rustic as massive as the USA, exchange slowly, and step by step, over a time period. As a result of the federal government’s “reefer insanity” marketing campaign of the Nineteen Thirties, 40s and 50s, maximum older American citizens have been successfully “brain-washed” (any other time period from the 50s) into believing that marijuana used to be unhealthy and evil, and would result in depravity. Thus it isn’t a surprise that after NORML used to be based in past due 1970, best 12% of the general public liked legalizing the drug. It used to be best by way of advancing a extra rational working out of marijuana and marijuana people who smoke over a number of many years that we sooner or later started to peer upper ranges of beef up for legalization, bringing us to the place we’re as of late, with 58% of the rustic national now favoring an finish to prohibition and the institution of a legally regulated marketplace.

We’re in any case successful this lengthy battle, no longer as a result of we got here up with a brand new time period for marijuana; however as a result of we took the time and made the hassle to re-educate American citizens in regards to the relative protection of marijuana, in addition to the necessary scientific makes use of of the drug. We’ve in any case received the hearts and minds of a majority of the rustic, who now remember the fact that marijuana prohibition reasons way more issues than using the drug itself, irrespective of what title one prefers to make use of for marijuana.

Originally posted 2016-02-08 14:02:55.