N’Bliss opens its fourth dispensary location in House Springs — Greenway Magazine

N’Bliss opens its fourth Dispensary location in House Springs – 3 Walters Place.

Bradford Goette, CEO and Managing Partner says, “It’s been a long, exciting road to get here. Having been the first two licensed dispensaries in the state to be commenced and then making the first patient sale of Medical Marijuana nearly a year ago, it’s exciting to see this fourth location a reality and further serve the patients of Missouri.”

Similar to the Manchester, Ellisville, and Festus locations, House Springs is not just open for medical patients, but is also open to the public for CBD sales and to help educate those interested in obtaining their medical card or needing to renew.

The store hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony on opening day.



N’Bliss was the first Dispensary in Missouri to make a retail sale of medical Marijuana to a licensed patient in 2020.

To find out more about N’Bliss click here.

Author: Sunny Dupree
Sunny Dupree is a seasoned journalist, keynote speaker and founder of Weed America: A Journalism-Minded Agency, which handles public relations, content marketing, social media, events and thought leadership for brands and executives in legal cannabis, hemp technology, alternative healthcare, and other new industries.