Ten reasons we must legalize cannabis

Ten reasons we must legalize cannabis

They claim that legalizing cannabis would be madness.

They fear citizens by predicting an increase of accidents, healthcare costs, and drug addiction, particularly among young people. Reality is quite different. This chapter summarizes the many benefits of legalizing cannabis and I hope it will be read by all political parties.

In reality, legalization of cannabis would result in:

1) Less consumption by young people who buy from dealers freely. People who illegally sell cannabis are only interested in the profit of the buyer, not their age. Minors cannot enter any premises that are licensed for cannabis sales in countries where it is legal. There are legal sellers of the finest cannabis inflorescences. Illegal dealers are not allowed.

2) To protect all cannabis consumers who buy or consume poor, sometimes dangerous, products. Statistics show that cannabis use is increasing despite strict repression and prohibitionist laws. This high number of users is not related to the amount of people who are addicted to cannabis, or with the cases of serious intoxication or death from this substance abuse. The high number of cannabis users does not indicate a health crisis. However, there is no way to control the amount of cannabis that is being consumed.

3) Increased economic revenue: Already, the legalization and regulation of light cannabis has resulted in a turnover of 50 millions euros each year. Although the market is growing, it is not as large as that of illegal cannabis which generates the mafia more than 9 billion euros annually. This money would be directly transferred to the state’s coffers, protecting consumers. There are hundreds of businesses and farms that specialize in cannabis production and sales in states like the United States and Canada. This has helped thousands of people find work.

4) To deal a blow against organized crime which makes billions from the sale and distribution of cannabis. This money is used to pay bribes, weapons and salaries for criminal workers, but it is the citizens that always suffer the worst consequences.

5) To allow for more research and treatment of cannabinoids. We must also admit that cannabis is not widely used due to strong anti-canabinoids prejudices. Many doctors today do not believe cannabis has any therapeutic benefits and recommend against its use. Research on cannabis derivatives can be more challenging than any other legal substance.

6) To allow the use of cannabis for minor ailments. Those who are unable to follow a doctor but need to vaporize cannabis occasionally could purchase what they want and feel the most effective.

7) To liberate Justice from the inefficient work of researching and repressing those who love “the plant”. Many people are subject to administrative or criminal proceedings for cultivating or possessing cannabis. Politicians had a distorted view about reality when they created the crime of cultivation. It is not harmful to anyone to cultivate or consume cannabis.

8) To make a nation more democratic. A country that does not respect the will of its people. Yet, we continue to be subject to prohibitionist policies.

9) To relieve police officers of an inefficient job. Because cannabis is so popular, it will always be possible to produce, import, and sell cannabis. It is also useless to ban any substance in coercive ways. What was America’s reaction to the ban on alcohol? 

10) To remove the stigma that cannabis users have against them, often called “stoners” (apathetically stupid, distracted, dangerous driving, etc., with a problem to “cure”. This leads to marginalization for those who don’t want to conform to a law that doesn’t respect their personal freedom.

Marijuana may be the most potent intoxicant.” For decades, it has been scientifically shown to be less harmful than alcohol when taken on a regular basis.

(Nick Offerman).

Originally posted 2021-08-03 20:24:37.

Author: Ronald Rogers
Sunny Dupree is a seasoned journalist, keynote speaker and founder of Weed America: A Journalism-Minded Agency, which handles public relations, content marketing, social media, events and thought leadership for brands and executives in legal cannabis, hemp technology, alternative healthcare, and other new industries.