These are the top 15 best cannabis movies

These are the top 15 best cannabis movies

15 best cannabis movies

There are many films featuring cannabis as the protagonist. These films range from documentaries to comedies, to thrillers, to action films or biographical films. The scene is rich with stories that show the connection between Marijuana and man. Here are some must-see films about cannabis that you can “savor” while relaxing on the couch, or perhaps even rolling a joint. We’re certain that you’ll find pleasant surprises and unexpected turns from your vision.

GRACE’S WEED – SAVING GRACE (united kingdom – 2000 – 94 min.)

How can you survive the financial crisis when it is caused incalculable debts Grace, the main character of the film with the same title, is the one who teaches us. She is a middle-aged woman, wealthy and passionate about “gardening”, who lives at Port Isaac, Cornwall.

She is now widowed and learns about the enormous financial gap her husband left her. She is used to living the life of an elderly woman in a house, but she must now cultivate Marijuana to survive. It is a surreal, ironic, and irreverent atmosphere.

L’ERBA PROIBITA, Italy – 2002 – 95 min.

“L’erba Proibita” is a documentary made in Italy. It was directed by Daniele Mazzucca and Cristiano Bortone. The entire narration is about how misleading information regarding hemp sativa or indica, and the consequences of prohibition. This documentary is a fascinating look at the history and work of our country, focusing on both the production and consumption of industrial hemp and cannabis. It also explains what is connected to prohibition. The film, which is the fulcrum of the movement due to its completeness, is dedicated to Giancarlo Aranao, a doctor, writer, and anti-prohibitionist historian, who has literally made history when it comes to Marijuana. It is a must-see if you want all the information about this precious plant material.

PAULETTE (France, 2012 – 87 min.

Paulette is a film that was inspired by an actual fact. It’s a film that leads to reflection, even though it’s funny. Without too much delicacy, the film explores all aspects of coexistence in multiethnic suburban areas. It is told through the eyes and experiences of an elderly lady who cannot stand immigrants or anyone else, especially if they are black. Even though the film initially portrays a racist and xenophobic atmosphere, the plot is prepared to break every rule. In fact, by watching the dealers in his building, the elderly woman learns how much money you can make from this activity. She proposes to Vito, Vito’s local boss, to buy hashish. In a hilarious, but well-thought comedy that leads to many questions, the comedian covers everything and the opposite of everything.

BLOW (USA 2001 – 124 min.

The film “Blow”, which Ted Demme directed, is both compelling and very current. It was inspired by a Bruce Porter novel about George Jung, a drug dealer linked to the Medellin cartel. He was particularly active in the 1970s and 1980s. The film’s final line, “By now, I find no more beautiful women or white horses at my door”, is significant. This was the director’s tribute to Lucky Man by Emerson, Lake & Palmer. George Jung was released on June 2, 2014 for good behaviour, but the film is still a popular “colossal” drug trafficking movie, which is a topic that continues to be debated, discussed and updated despite the fact that it was made in 2014.

SUPER HIGH ME (USA 2007 – 98 min.

“Super High Me” can also be described as a documentary-film because it documents the personal experience of Doug Benson (comedian and cannabis user), who is determined to understand the true effects on the body and mind. He documents his own experience with cannabis, from the deprivation of 30 days to the abuse of as many. Film’s purpose is to stimulate discussion and provide new insights on the controversial use of medical Marijuana in California.

THE BIG LEBOWSKI (USA/UK 1998 – 117 min.

“The Big Lebowski,” a cult movie that starred an unemployed pot addict Jeff “Drugo”, has been viewed over the years as a true cult classic. He spends his time smoking and bowling. His life will change dramatically due to a mistaken identity. He will soon be thrown into a wild ride of emotions and adventures filled with ransom and kidnapping. The film, which is dedicated to action-lovers, tells the story of the main weaknesses of man.

THE SECRET INGREDIENT (Macedonia/Greece – 2017 – 108 min.)

The Secret Ingredient is a smooth, modern comedy with plenty of twists and turns. It is set in Skopje (Macedonia) and follows Vele, a train mechanic who struggles every day to pay his father’s cancer-stricken dad because of the economic situation of the country. He accidentally finds a brick of Marijuana in a wagon. In an attempt to relieve his pain, he decides to take it. Soon, rumors about the healing powers of Vele begin to spread. Vele is soon entrapped by two bumbling gangsters who want to claim the “panacea for all evils”, or the space cake.

FAST CONVOY (France 2016 – 102 minutes.)

“Fast Convoy”, a thrilling thriller that elicits strong emotions, sees seven men and four vehicles transport 1300 kilos cannabis from Malaga in Spain to Creil in the suburbs. Although it is a routine operation for Alex, Majid, Yacine and Majid, they will be swept into an exciting adventure. In fact, Nadia, a young tourist, will join the group and witness an unimaginable and raw reality: international drug trafficking.

OLIVER, STONED (USA – 2014) – 90 min.

Oliver, twenty-year-old Oliver “pretends to” work at his father’s car wash. He also thinks he’s still a teenager because he is accompanied along by a “majorata”.

Oliver is addicted to cannabis, hashish, and other drugs. He was also distracted by the high when a customer steals his car. Megan, a young girl who he had previously destroyed, joins him in tracking down the thief. A light film is a fun and challenging movie that will make you laugh.

SMOKE (USA/Germany 1995 – 112 min.

Paul Auster wrote “The Christmas Story of Auggie Wren”, one of the filmmakers of “Smoke”. The film is based on the story of Hurt, a widowed writer who lost her pregnant wife, and Keitel who works as a Brooklyn tobacconist who sees many poor people pass by each day. Hurt is graciously welcoming a young black man who is searching for his father. Keitel, however, has filled many albums with the exact same photograph which, for more than ten years, has captured the intersection in front the tobacco shop. The “New York Times” orders Hurt to write the Christmas story. Harvey will assist him and provide him with inspiration. Harvey will also tell him an amazing story that is tied to Christmas just a few years ago. The film’s objective is to promote smoking and all the characters smoke during the narration. The film is controversial and discussed.

REINCARNATED (USA 2012 – 96 min.

The documentary “Reincarnated” is particularly interesting. It’s a documentary about Snoop Dogg. He’s a symbol of gangsta Rap and a familiar face in American hip-hop. 2012 marks the year of his conversion. After a trip to Jamaica the rapper adopts the Rastafarian faith and takes the name Snooplion. He recorded a self-titled album that features heavy reggae influence. Passionate and poetic, Rastafarianism is beautifully told through the eyes that have experienced it firsthand.

BUDDING BROTHERS USA – 2009 – 105 min.

The comedy “Budding Brothers”, which is light-hearted, features a University philosophy teacher who discovers his brother has died. He decides to fly to Oklahoma to pay tribute. The shocking twist is that he finds out that his brother is alive and well, but he’s still in debt. He decides to focus on the hydroponic method of growing Marijuana.

HALF BAKED (USA 1998 – 82 min.

The 90’s American comedy “Half Baked” is a typical example of a 90’s American comedy. It features Thurgood and Brian, who after the arrest of Kenny (their friend and roommate) are accused of killing Buttercup the police horse and force them to sell Marijuana to pay the $100,000 ransom. They set up “Good Guy”, which is a Marijuana dealing company that Thurgood uses to land a highly sought-after job in the pharmaceutical sector. Their activity is very popular and they get a lot of famous customers. However, there are still problems and vicissitudes. It’s funny and ironic, so it’s definitely worth the effort!

GRANDMA’S BY (USA 2006 – 96 min.

The film “Grandma’s Boy” is funny, lighthearted, and very enjoyable. It combines a topic still “hot”, such as cannabis, with the most popular pastime of adolescents: videogames. Alex, the protagonist, dedicates his body and soul to programming a new videogame that he has created. However, countless vicissitudes force Alex to move in with his grandmother and her elderly friends. This will only lead to situations and contexts that are beyond the boundaries of absurdity. It is impossible to do anything except have 90 minutes of laughter.

MARLEY (USA/UK 2012 – 145 min.

Kevin Macdonald directed “Marley”, a documentary that documents the life of Bob Marley, the only authorized Marley family document. This documentary traces the life and times of one of the world’s most loved icons. His universal appeal, influence on music history, and role as a social and political prophet are unparalleled. This film is a tribute to the cultural message that Bob made history by overcoming all barriers and echoing around the globe with the same strength he had in life.

“The illegality in cannabis is outrageous. It hinders full use of a drug that helps create the serenity, insight, sensitivity, and fellowship so desperately required in this increasingly dangerous and mad world.”

(Carl Sagan).


Conclusion: Hemp is a versatile and adaptable plant that can be used for many purposes. This could have enormous benefits for states and their populations, as well as significantly reducing the environmental problems that cannot be ignored.

Its immense potential is not fully appreciated and properly exploited.

Rejecting reality is the real problem. To admit that prohibition failed, and to achieve true “harm reduction”, legalization is the only solution.

There are many stereotypes that still associate cannabis use with it, some of them quite ridiculous. It is likely that the old stereotype of the stoner will continue to be associated with cannabis use for some time before we can eliminate it completely. Real progress has been made in cannabis research only recently with the gradual relaxation of cannabis laws. The results confirm what cannabis enthusiasts have known for years: that cannabis has many tangible and real benefits.

We are only just beginning to understand how cannabis works. We are constantly learning more about cannabis’ potential uses, so it is important to keep up with the latest developments.

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Author: Ronald Rogers
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